Project Reports

The major project outputs are expected to be:

The project will deliver:

(i) the findings of the literature review (for Defra),

(ii) the results from the field experimental manipulations and the resulting relationships between vegetation and hydrology and carbon stocks and fluxes,

(iii) a basic cost-benefit analysis of the feasibility of the investigated restoration management strategies (for Defra), and

(iii) a model prediction of the long-term effects of the different management strategies on vegetation dynamics and water and carbon fluxes.

The following link provide the downloads to the 5-year report for Defra and associated documents (2019):

All BD5104 (Final Report to Defra) documents (including the peer-review of the Defra report) are available  here .

The following links provides the downloads to the 10-year PAG report (2023); the report was also peer-reviewed three times in collaboration with Defra:


If you experience difficulty in accessing any of the documents, please contact Andreas Heinemeyer ( for access to any documents from the reports.