Defra BD5104 Project Advisory Group (PAG)

Members of the Defra Advisory Group (Phase 1) for:

BD5104 Restoration of blanket bog vegetation for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and water regulation

Further members for the Phase 2 are shown in [ ]

Main group:

1) Funder/Contractors:

• Defra (chair): Anna Mikis - special thanks to our former chairs (in order of time) Richard Brand-Hardy (!), Siobhan Sherry & Judith Stuart

• NE nominated Officer: David Glaves [representing Defra]

• TEAM: Andreas Heinemeyer; (only Phase 1: Harry Vallack; Tim Thom and previously also Astrid Hanlon)

2) Landusers:

• Shoot/Keepers – (Mossdale: Shaun Spence/John Carr; Nidderdale: Ben Ramsden/Gary Duffus; Whitendale: Phil Gunning)

3) Landuser fraternity:

• Moorland Association – Amanda Anderson/Adrian Thornton-Berry

• [Heather Trust – Anne Gray]

• [Law Family Charitable Trust – Sebastian Green]

4) Immediate stakeholders:

• Yorkshire Water – Andrew Walker [Jenny Banks]

• United Utilities – Pete Wilson (Clare Bullen)

• Yorkshire Peat Partnership/Wildlife Trust – Tim Thom (only Phase 1)

• Environment Agency - Katie Asprey (Charles Forman) [Simon Stokes]

Wider group (to be kept informed during Phase 1):

• RSPB (Pat Thompson)

• BTO (James Pearce-Higgins)

• Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (Adrian Shepherd)

• Nidderdale AONB (Paul Burgess)

• Heather Trust (Simon Thorp)

• BESS/NERC (Dave Raffaelli)

• National Gamekeepers Organisation (via Moorland Association, tbc)

• National Trust (Martin Davies)

• Pennine Prospects (Helen Nobel & Robin Gray)

• Moors For the Future (Jonathan Walker)

• Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (David Baines)