Field sites

The following section provides an overview about the field sites.

The project takes part at three experimental peatland sites in the English uplands, which are typical of grouse managed blanket bog, having at least 30% and ideally over 50% cover of heather over deep peat but with some other blanket mire species, including Sphagnum spp., present at low frequency/cover. The sites are predominantly under current rotational burning and the peatlands are mainly 'intact' (i.e. not eroded). At each site two similar sub-catchments are paired, serving as control (current burn regime) versus treatment areas (e.g. mowing). The following criteria are met:

1)  > 30 % tall heather (i.e. Calluna vulgaris and other bog species should be present);
2)  fairly flat intact peat areas (assures access with mowing equipment) with additonal slope areas;
3)  two ~ 500 x 300 m (~15 ha) sub-catchment areas (i.e. with a central water stream);
4)  > 100 cm peat depth across the main upper flat peat areas, lower at slopes;
5)  relatively easy access but remote.
Forest of Bowland
Whitendale treatment catchment
Nidderdale treatment catchment

Mossdale control catchment and AWS