Additional information

In the following sections we provide some additional information about this and related projects.
Currently, there is a real 'awakening' in science and policy areas about the important role peatlands play globally in regulating climate and providing ecosystem services. Although global models still struggle to include peatland C dynamics accurately (i.e. reflecting total peat depth and C dynamics in relation to a dynamic hydrology and vegetation dynamcis), it is becoming clear that we need more 'real' data to inform policy makers about the important role of these systems. Particularly in the UK, the provision of clean drinking water is now high on the agenda. However, the underlying processes are still largely unknown, such as the role of plant and associated microbial  biodiversity and the impact of different land management strategies on these associations. In the past there have been a few initiatives aiming to clarify those linkages and the underlying processes, although more recently the number of such initiatives is increasing. We hope that our project will add to the increasing amount of supporting evidence in rethinking management in order to secure ecosystem services for us and future generations. The devil is as always in the detail, so we need to have a long and hard look into the "hidden half", the soil, as well as assess the surface vegetation and our impact on both halves.