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We always welcome additional support, particularly in collaborations on exploring the data acquired within this project.

If you think you have anything to offer or any exciting ideas on collaborating, please get in touch with Andreas Heinemeyer (see contact details on right).
Job opportunities


  • currently nothing else available, but please contact me for any PhD project ideas etc. you might have. I am always happy to discuss...



  • PhD positions (open - fully funded!)

"Unravelling plant-soil processes as drivers of change in peatland ecosystem services: linking habitat status to climate and management impacts on carbon dynamics and water quality"

        a fully funded (non-competitive) NERC i-CASE studentship:

       deadline February 2017 (closed)

        With Natural England (upland specialists and climate change)

        APPLY HERE:       Find a PhD

  • PhD positions (open - fully funded!)
a fully funded (competitive) NERC ACCE DPT CASE studentship:

        With CEH Bangor & Moors For The Futures (Peak District National Park) (closed)


  • Technician positions "Technichian support towards laboratory analysis of soil and water samples" and "Technician support towards field meassurments of gas fluxes and water samples" (0.6 FTE (60% part-time); (closed) 
  • PhD position (closed - fully funded!) "Assessing UK blanket bog restoration effects on peatland carbon stocks, greenhouse gas emissions and related ecosystem services" (closed)
  • See here for our Holocene Climate/Peat development student summer school (fully funded; closed) in 2014!!! http://www.york.ac.uk/media/yccsa/documents/summerschool/2014/Holocene%20Climate%20Implications.pdf
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